May 7th - June 22nd

We hunt in New Brunswick, Canada during the Spring in Zones 10 and 16. Our biggest spring bear in 2018 was 440lbs, 2nd largest weighed 410lbs. We also had a group of 5 hunters all tag out together on a Tuesday night. 

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Sept 1st - Oct 30th

Foot hold snaring at an active site. We provide all the trapping supplies and you have the opportunity to take a second bear for $1000 more.

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Aug 26th - Sept 21st

We have over 350,000 acres of leased hunting paradise. We provide the stands, bait, guide, and transportation for six days. Our biggest bear over bait in the fall of 2018 weighed 383 lbs. 

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Sept 9th - Oct 26th

We breed, raise, train, and run our own packs of hounds. This is also a six day hunt with a guide and transportation. Click here to see what is included. 

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Oct 1st - Dec 31st

Bring your own dog or hunt with ours. Miles and miles of logging roads, old apple orchards, and cutovers. 

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Sept 23rd - 28th, Oct 7th -12th

If you are fortunate enough to get a moose tag, give us a call. We would love to take you out in Zones 19 or 11. 

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Dec 1st - Dec 31st

Bobcat is also a hound hunt done during the early snow in December. Maine has a healthy bobcat population with 30-40lb cats. 

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