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Ready to Hunt?

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Spring is the rut. Big bears and long coats. Join us in Canada for an awesome experience. 

Fall is a beautiful time in the woods, big bears, fishing, and friends. Join us at our Maine lodge. 

Want to go on an exciting hunt of a lifetime? Our hounds are bred, born, raised, and run by us.


"If you would like to experience a fun filled week of bear hunting in the woods of Maine, I would recommend hunting with Joe Bowen's Tomah Mountain Outfitters. Joe puts his heart and soul into his hunting. He wants his hunters to harvest a bear as much as the hunter does. Whether you hunt over bait or with hounds you will receive 100% effort from Joe to get your bear. His hounds are some of the best dogs I have ever hunter with. Joe is the real deal when it comes to being an outdoorsman.

-Lon V., West Virginia

"If you are considering booking a Black Bear hunt, you need to give Joe Bowen a call. He is one of the most knowledgable and experienced black bear hunter and guide I know. Sept 5th, 2004 I was on my first black bear hunt with Joe and saw a bear every time out. On the third day out, I harvested a beautiful 320lb black bear with a perfect white "V" on his chest. Joe's extensive knowledge of Black Bear habitat, habits, and behavior, give you a big advantage over most other guides. You will get what you pay for -- which is a quality hunt, attention to detail, to make your hunt both enjoyable and successful and almost assured a nice Black Bear. 

-Charles P., North Carolina

"Joe, Rich and Thomas are 3 very talented guides. I can’t say enough good things about Tomah Mountain Outfitters. Ramona, Joe’s Wife, is a great cook! The cabins you stay in have a full bathroom that are very clean when you arrive on Sunday. I killed my bear a 178lb boar on 9/4. We had to get the dogs on the scent trail to find the bear. Those dogs never hesitated. Joe has them trained right. After the kill Thomas took care of the bear by skinning it and deboning and freezing it up for the drive back home. The rest of the week I went fishing on the lake with the jon boats Joe provides. If you are looking for a professional outfitter and want a very good chance at seeing a bear to harvest look no further because you will be wasting your time."

-Kenny A., Pennsylvania

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