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Fully Guided 

6 Day Hunt

Sept 9th-Oct 31st

If you are looking for an exciting and enjoyable hunt with a very good chance of taking a trophy Black Bear, try hunting with bear hounds. We take quite a few bears over 300 lbs. each year. This hunt starts in mid-September and runs to the end of October. During this time of year, you get to see the Maine woods at its peak of beauty. There will be a minimum of four hunters per week. 


We furnish: transportation during the hunt, hounds, retrieval of your bear, and skin, quarter, and freeze your meat. We also furnish three meals a day and clean private cabins with indoor plumbing and hot running water. 

You furnish: your hunting gear, snacks, towels, and linens (or sleeping bag). Hunting License $198.

2019-2022 Hound Pictures
(More coming soon!)
2017-2018 Hound Pictures