Want to know more about the guide behind the hunt? Read some actual letters written to Joe Bowen over the years concerning his professionalism for this sport.

Joe, I would like to thank you for opening up your camp for me, for the 2014 fall hunt. I was really nervous on the drive up, this being a lot of first for me. My first time using an outfitter, I’ve read several horror stories from other hunters about the way they were treated by their outfitter and guides. I had family and friends try to talk me out of going, their reasons were you’ve never bear hunted before, bears attack people, that’s too far to drive, and you don’t know anyone up there. There was not anytime that I felt uncomfortable or unwanted, camp was run in a very professional manner. Even though I didn’t kill a bear, it was relaxing, and I enjoyed every minute of it; I don’t think a day has gone by without me thinking about that entire week. I did learn that bears are really sneaky, and you have to keep your eyes open and move slowly. Even though I had to make that 24 hour drive myself, it was well worth it; after my second day there I decided I was coming back in 2015, and I plan on making this a yearly event. Keep “Hawk 2” ready for me, because I’m claiming that spot.
Thanks again,

-Steve B.

Joe, It was great to hear from you and I was glad to see you are starting your own Hunting Camp. Someone with your knowledge and heart for the sport should be operating their own outfit.
-Joe Z.

Dear Joe, I want to Thank you for that bear hunt. It was a really fine experience for me to be guided by someone who is so highly skilled in the woods, and who is able to make the hunt so much more; sharing your knowledge, calling moose, spotting bear tracks in the mud, and working hard to ensure that your clients were successful - even if it meant wiping one down with a dead skunk! Anyway, I learned a lot from you in that week and I think about it often.
-John T.

If you would like to experience a fun filled week of bear hunting in the woods of Maine, I would recommend hunting with Joe Bowen's Tomah Mountain Outfitters. Joe puts his heart and soul into his hunting. He wants his hunters to harvest a bear as much as the hunter does. Whether you hunt over bait or with hounds you will receive 100% effort from Joe to get your bear. His hound are some of the best dogs I have ever hunted with. Joe is the real deal when it comes to being an outdoorsman.
-Lon E. V.

If you are considering booking a Black Bear hunt, you need to give Joe Bowen a call. He is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Black Bear guide and hunter that I know. Last year (2004) the week of Sept 5, was my first Black Bear hunt with Joe and I saw bear every time out. On the third day out, I harvested a beautiful 320 lb Black Bear with a perfect white "V" on it's chest. Joe's extensive knowledge of Black Bear habitat, habits and behavior. give a big advantage over most other guides. You will get what you pay for -- which is a quality hunt, attention to every small detail, to make your hunt both enjoyable and successful and almost assured a nice Black Bear.
-Charles P.

I have hunted with Joe Bowen three years in a row, during those three years I have had 100% success. The first year I got a 145 lb bear, during the second year the bear weighed in at 225 lbs, and on the third year my bear was 350 lbs. Three perfect years in a row. I had a great time hunting with Joe, all the bait stands were first class. Joe is a hunter first and foremost, the best tracker that I have ever seen, and on top of all that , he's a great guy. I highly recommend hunting with Joe!
-W.P. Graves
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