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Welcome to Tomah Mountain Outfitters online!

Joe Bowen has been a registered guide with the state of Maine since 1993 and has professionally guided hunters for over 20 years. He brings to each and every hunt the zeal and enthusiasm as if it was his first hunt, yet still maintaining that degree of professionalism and confidence that is necessary for those who may be first time bear hunters.

Your hunt will last six days and you stand a very good chance of shooting your bear. Should you take a bear early in the week, not to worry, there are many lakes and streams for you to enjoy some fishing or you can hunt coyote for no extra charge. If your hunt is during the month of October, you can hunt deer with a bow (with appropriate deer license, of course).

We take a variety of age groups, ranging from Junior hunter to Senior hunter, and we will take anyone who has the proper hunting license and a knowledge of hunters' safety.

We take hunters of all ages, and are especially proud of our young hunters !

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