How do you know if you should hunt your bear using bear bait or with a hound? That is a very good question and depends on you and what type of hunt you would like to experience.

With Bear over Bait, the hunting season starts last week of August and goes for 4 weeks, and the weather is milder. If you like hunting from a tree stand and the solitude of waiting for the hunt to come to you, much like deer hunting, then hunting bear with bait is how to go. If you prefer a more aggressive, all day hunt where you are out walking the woods hunting your bear down, then hunting with hounds is what you should do. The season is later in the year and the weather is more cooler than when hunting with bait.

No matter which you choose, you're guaranteed the hunt experience of a lifetime!


Hunting With Bait

There is an excellent opportunity for you hunting black bear with bait. We start baiting the first week in August and by the start of hunting season, we have the best stands picked out and ready for you. This hunt starts the last week of August and runs for four weeks. You have the choice to hunt from a tree stand or ground blind. Have your own tree stand? That's ok, go ahead and bring it. What to do if you get your bear early into the week? No problem, there are many lakes and streams to choose from so that you can go and enjoy some fishing. You can also hunt coyote for no additional charge.

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Hunting With Hounds

If you are looking for an exciting and enjoyable hunt with a very, good chance to take a Trophy Black Bear, try hunting with our bear hounds. We take a few bears 400 lbs + each year. This hunt starts in mid-September and runs to the end of October. During this time of the year, you get to see the Maine woods at its peak of Autumn beauty! The chase is intense and rewarding; this is a six day hunt.
Tomah Mountain Outfitters' Hounds at Work
Hounds Can Help You Get Your Bear


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