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Joe Bowen is a registered guide with the state of Maine since 1993 and
has professionally guided hunters for over 20 years. He brings to each and
every hunt the zeal and enthusiasm as if it was his first hunt, yet still
maintaining that degree of professionalism and confidence that is necessary
for those who may be first time bear hunters.

We had a great fall season in 2018. We harvested 64 bears with 7 weighing more than 300lbs. Including the biggest bear with dogs, killed by Max of Ohio. We also had Heather trap a bear on her birthday, weighing in at 353 lbs. Of 42 bears treed with dogs we harvested 24 the most to date at TMO. 

We had our best season yet in 2016! Our hunters killed 49 bears and had 3 misses.
This was out of 66 hunters. Our biggest bear over bait was 465 pounds killed by Bill Pyle of Ohio and our biggest bear with dogs was 390 pounds killed by Andrew Young of North Carolina. 

On our hound hunt we killed 21 bears out of 23 hunters. All the hound hunters had 100% opportunity. I'm glad to report that we did not lose any hounds this fall. I have alot of young hounds that are doing great and will be even better next fall. 

Also, we have great news to tell you about our lodge in New Brunswick, Canada, Henderson's Hunting Camps (www.hendrsons-hunting.nb.ca). We signed the papers on Sept. 1st this fall. We will be offering a Spring hunt that begins May 8th and ends mid June. The we will have a fall bait hunt in September. We will offer a combo hunt (deer/bear over bait) the last week of October and two weeks in Novemeber. There is a limit of 1 buck and 2 bears. Joseph will be running this camp in the fall. I will still be running our camp in Maine. 

We will be looking forward to a great 2017 season! We will be offering 4 weeks of hunting over bait, then we will hunt with hounds until the end of October. For more information on these options please visit our Bear Hunts Tab found on the Main Menu. 
2015 was a very good year for Tomah Mountain.  The main ingredients for a great hunt are hard working guides, large hunting area with lots of natural food for bears and many denning sites.  Combine this with well, maintained equipment and home-cooked meals and this makes for a great time at Tomah Mountain, Topsfield, Maine.
Rich, Joseph, Cody, Lloyd, Thomas, and myself work very hard to ensure you have a great hunt in the Maine north woods. Without their hard work of maintaining
the baits and being knowledgeable guides, our hunters would not have the success they enjoy.
Sally did a wonderful job with our meals this season.  Some weeks can be really
busy, but she really gets the job done.  I cannot say enough about Rich.  He is 
part of the back bone of this operation.  He works hard for you to get a bear.
As you may can tell, we have an excellent group of people here at Tomah Mountain

Your hunt will last six days and you stand a very good chance of shooting
your bear. Should you take a bear early in the week, not to worry, there are
many lakes and streams for you to enjoy some fishing or you can hunt coyote
for no extra charge. If your hunt is during the month of October, you can hunt
deer with a bow (with appropriate deer license, of course).

We take a variety of age groups, ranging from Junior hunter to Senior hunter,
and we will take anyone who has the proper hunting license and a knowledge
of hunters' safety.

New 2016 Tomah Mountain will be offering deer hunts once again in November.  Due to mild winters the deer herds are coming back.  Many big bucks are being once again tagged at the checking stations.

Another Successful Hunt
Tomah Mountain Outfitters Loves to Bag Bears

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