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“I've hunted with Joe 3 times. 2 times over bait and 1 time with dogs, about 18 days total. Each hunt was unique in it's own way, very enjoyable and relaxing. Tomah Mountain Outfitters is a first class operation. Joe can not guarantee a kill because they aren't fenced in, but he is a hard worker with a lot of knowledge and does his absolute best to give you an opportunity at a bear. I have hunted with a handful of outfitters over the years and Tomah Mountain is at the top of my list because of how hard they work, the accommodations and the meals. I hope to hunt with you all again real soon!”

-Carl D.

“Hunted with Joe multiple years, saw bears each time, and for reasons of my own doing did not harvest a bear until my last hunt. A great 385lb boar! I plan on returning to hunt with my grandsons. You will go a long ways to find a harder working guide and his staff is second to none.”

-Micheal M.

“Have hunted with Tomah Mountain twice and will be returning this Fall 2017 for a 3rd time. Having been blessed to go on more than 20 guided bear hunts in Maine and Canada over the last 25 years or so, I can say there are no better people to hunt with than Joe and his team. I highly recommend anyone looking for a bear hunt to look no further. Unless you want to spend at least double the amount and go to Western areas of Canada, you can do no better!”

-Ken B.

“I never had a group of people try so hard to make our trip perfect. I would recommend anyone wanting a great bear hunt stop looking and go here.”

-Dan P., Pennsylvania

“If you are looking to hunt bear in Maine this is the one. The absolute best hunt, camp experience, and meals! Mr and Mrs Bowen work very hard to give you a great hunt. Thomas and Rich are incredibly talented guides and work equally as hard to make sure you have the best chance to harvest a bear. 
I can not thank them enough for the great time that we had.”

-Norman G., Pennsylvania

“Joe and the whole gang did an amazing job in setting me up for success!!! This is one of those things you will never forget and I am so happy these guys made it possible!! 1000% recommend for anyone wanting to hunt bear to get a hold of Joe Bowen. I can't wait to hunt with you again!!”

-Kelly H., Ohio

"Joe is an awesome Dog handler and he will get you onto your bear, it was more than I ever expected. Rich and Thomas were great guides, the food was excellent, and the fishing was outstanding. Definitely can't wait to go back!!!"

-Daniel L.

"Wow what a great hunt. Thanks Joe, Rich, Thomas, and of course the wonderful cook Ramona. Words can't say enough for how hard these guys work to make your hunt, a hunt of a lifetime!!!"

-Norman S.

"I have hunted with Joe Bowen three years in a row. During those years I have had 100% success. 1st year I got a 145 lbs bear, second year 225lbs, and 3rd year my bear was 350 lbs. Three perfect years in a row. I had a great time hunting with Joe, all the bait stands were first class. Joe is a hunter first and foremost, the best tracker that I have ever seen, and on top of that, he's a great guy. I highly recommend hunting with Joe!"

-W.P. Graves


Bill Pyle



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Dave Jesslosky




Lon Vannoy


West Virginia


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Charles Pope


North Carolina


Joe Ross



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Greg Levan



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Andy Kazmierczak



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Steve Beckly


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